A Visual Guide to COPD Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

COPD is a chronic lungs disorder which makes breathing difficult. This disease may often cause chronic bronchitis or emphysema. It is advisable to start treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as soon as possible otherwise it will get worse with the passage of time.

Symptoms of COPD

COPD blocks airways and harm alveoli that is responsible for absorbing oxygen. The most common symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are given below.

  • Feeling tired

  • Wheezing

  • Frequent flu and colds

  • Constant coughing

  • Shortness of breath while doing everyday activities

  • Producing lots of mucus (sputum)

  • Chest tightness

Symptoms for COPD Disease

Advanced Symptoms of COPD

Chronic COPD makes it difficult to cook, bathe, walk or even clean house. Its advanced symptoms are given below.

  • Less endurance and muscle strength

  • Weight loss

  • Grey or blue fingernails or lips (because of the deficiency of oxygen level)

  • Swollen feet or legs from the fluid formation

  • Headache in early morning

COPD Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment


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Gold - August 15, 2017

Thanks alot.my son has only one of the symtom which is weight loss. May i start treating him ? Or i should beware .

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