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9 Unexpected Benefits of Foot Massage

2. Helps prevent injuries

Foot massage helps to strengthen the foot and ankle muscle. It will prevent the sudden twist of an ankle that causes a painful cramp.

Quick foot massage will prevent you from sudden injuries and also helps to maintain your body balance while walking.

Slowly rotate your foot nearby the ankle, this technique will strengthen the ankle muscles.

3. Lowers blood pressure

Due to stress and other factors, high blood pressure is now very common among adults. Daily foot massage will help to maintain your blood pressure.

In a promising report directed at the University of Miami, dementia patients that got a 10-minute foot massage up to three times each week showed an improved state of mind. Tests were taken that revealed a diminishing blood pressure in these patients too.

4. Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

In the field of Reflexology, studies have been conducted to check whether foot massage can reduce depression or anxiety? One study showed a reduction in the anxiety level.

Another study showed reduced feelings of depression in post-menopausal women.


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