9 Surprising Signs of Depression

7. Daydreaming all the time

If you find yourself wistfully thinking about something or being lost in some other world it may be another sign of depression. A recent study by Harvard psychologists discovered that humans are much happier when they live in the present moment.

Dreaming about the future or grieving for the past makes us unhappy. So if you find yourself day dreaming for a better future you may in fact be making yourself sad and be suffering from depression.

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8. Indecisiveness over Simple Decisions

If you are constantly faced with indecisiveness over simple thing s in life you may be suffering from depression. Human brains constantly making decisions in everyday life. Many of these decisions are very small and seem to be made subconsciously like deciding what to eat or to wake up etc. In depression these cognitive functions are slowed and decisions which seem trivial in real life take time to be made.

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9. Lack of attention to Personal Grooming

People suffering from depression usually become disinterested in their overall appearance and grooming. Interestingly a study was conducted in 2014 in which it was found that nearly 60 percent of people whose dental hygiene was poor also suffered from depression.

Similarly a person suffering from depression may as well lose their will to even brush their hair and these problems which become apparent outside may be indicators of deeper mental issues.

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