9 Surprising Signs of Depression

4. Feeling of Nothingness

Implicit or explicit every person has something to look forward to which makes them motivated and ready to face the day. These can include various things: for many people it is their work for others its family or even their exercise routines or socializing with friends but those affected by depression lose the meaning in their life. This results in the person feeling nothing and being impartial and neutral towards everything.

Thing which used to evoke emotions barely ring any bell now. This is one of the most significant signs of depression and makes the patient seem distracted and distance.

Depression Emptiness

5. Increase in Alcohol Consumption

An increase in the amount of alcohol consumption may also be a sign of depression. A significant number of people who have depression also start drinking alcohol excessively.

A recent study reports this to be nearly one third of the people suffering from depression. A drink or two are good for relaxing and getting away from tensions but excessive drinking can make you feel negative emotions more strongly. This is why the recommended daily consumption of alcohol is one glass for women and double this amount for men.

Alcohol Help

6. Addiction to Social Media

If you have started using social media excessively or are getting addicted to online shopping or gambling then this may also be a symptom of depression. Many people suffering from depression are reported to excessively use Facebook. This is because it provides them with a good distraction and they can get away from their feeling and emotions for some time.

People undergoing depression sometimes lack companionship in their real life and they seek to overcome this shortcoming by creating online lives for themselves

Online Social Media Sites


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