9 Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

8. Cardio

Experts report that an individual can increase his/her metabolism for around 24 hours after exercise by simply adopting one little habit in their exercise regime, and this is intervals. You simply have to supplement your exercise routine with short periods of increased and intense workout while running, walking, swimming, bicycling, or even an elliptical session amongst others.

This short period of intensity will prove to be extremely effective at resetting your metabolism levels to a significantly higher rate during the exercise session, and it will take a couple hours to slow down and resume its normal pace. This will make sure that your body keeps burning off calories even after you’ve stopped exercising, taken a shower and gone off to bed.

Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss


If you are fond of taking long walks, and don’t like to exercise for more than half an hour, consider adding an intense burst of running or jogging for at least 30 seconds after every five minutes. As you become leaner and fitter, you can always increase the length of the interval to one minute or more, and reduce the walking parts to 4 minutes or less. The greatest metabolism booster will occur when you make sure to give all your intensity and aggressiveness to these interval segments, and they leave you sweating, panting and breathing heavily.

9. Strength

The heart and other body organs require fuel to keep them energised and active, however, there is very little that you can do to bring about increases in your body’s metabolic requirements. You see, the muscles also require constant fuelling and rejuvenation, as they are subjected to change. For instance, you can make them bigger, tougher and stronger by simply giving them more exercise, and the right amount of calories and essential nutrients.

The following essential exercises are excellent for strength building and triggering rapid weight loss without depriving your body of its energy levels. All the strength building moves listed below are crucial to target all the major groups of muscles within your body.

Strength Exercises for Weight Loss



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