9 Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

5. Reverse Dip

A reverse dip is hands down the best move you can make to cut down that awful chunk of fat from your triceps and give them a finely toned appearance.

Squats are also a terrific way to tone up your triceps along with your hips and thighs.

Reverse Dip Exercises for Weight Loss


6. Lunge

Lunges are an extremely beneficial move because this staple movement focuses on targeting the muscles within the legs, which will give your thighs and hips a nicely sculpted shape.

If you are suffering from knee pain or ailments, you can experiment doing the effective lunge variation.

Lunge Exercises for Weight Loss


7. Row

Rows are the most effective exercise to define your back, eliminate fat, and sculpt your shoulders just the way you want to.

Row Exercises for Weight Loss



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