9 Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

2. Squat

Squats are the ultimate powerhouse exercise to tone up your lower-body, eliminate the excessive fat to sculpt your thighs and trim down your hips.

Besides, they are so easy, you can perform a rep of 12 anywhere and everywhere!

Squat Exercises for Weight Loss


3. Crunch

Crunches often get a negative reputation for no good reason, while the truth is that crunches are hands down the most effective exercise to tone up your abs, and melt away that hard-to-burn fat that gives you that ugly tummy pouch.

Crunch Exercises for Weight Loss


4. Curl

Curls are the best move to sculpt and trim down your biceps, along with building up the strength of your arms so you can finish up your routine tasks with greater energy and ease.

Curl Exercises for Weight Loss



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