9 Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

Do you want to cut off that horrible chunk of fat that keeps you from looking your best? We’ve picked out the perfect exercise moves that can help you achieve rapid and sustainable weight loss without having to work too hard.

When you plan a weight loss work out or exercise regime, you need to focus on exercising several times throughout the week with a powerful routine that takes in less effort and time, and provides maximum weight loss benefits. Experts and scientists who analyse and examine the role played by exercise for weight loss have revealed some essential moves that are crucial and highly effective at toning up the body in a matter of days. These are very simple and easy moves that can be performed anywhere and everywhere without any extra equipment, or having to head out to the gym.

Years and years of research has validated the effectiveness of the 8 powerful exercises that we have listed below, and if you perform them regularly and accurately, nothing can stop you from flaunting a firmly toned up, and attractive body that you dream of.

best workout exercises to lose weight

You’ll be able to perform all these beneficial moves in no more than half an hour, and these exercises are beneficial for everyone, be it a teenager, a young adult or adults in their mid-lives. Be sure to repeat these moves at least twice or thrice each week for effective results and to make sure your muscles start lighting up the fire that will burn up and exhaust all the extra calories before your body gets a chance to convert them into waist-thickening fat.

Here, take a look at these 9 strength-building exercises to burn fat:

1. Push-Up

This classic exercise is a timeless powerhouse that will not only help you lose weight, but more importantly, it is excellent for strength-training. If performed properly, push-ups will tone up your shoulders, arms, chest and even your abs.

Push Up Exercises for Weight Loss



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