9 Best Foods to Rectify Your Skin Problems

7. Figs

The figs are like small bombs of nutrition which cleanse the digestive tract from toxins and also lead to weight loss. Kimberly believes that it also improves skin health. It enhances the glow of the skin.

A few seeds a day will do work perfectly. They should not be eaten excessively because they have high sugar content.

Figs to rectify your skin problems
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8. Spinach

Do you remember how spinach used to empower Popeye excessively after eating? Not only for the body but also for skin and hair, spinach is a good thing. It can be taken in any form.

Spinach adds Vitamin C to your diet and also produces collagen. It also reduces iron deficiency from the body.

Spinach to rectify your skin problems
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9. Dates

If you want to quit the sugary food and keep your sweet tooth satiated, dates are the best alternatives. They can be cooked, baked and eaten raw. Dates cleanse the digestive tract and provide the body with minerals which help in absorption of iron and prepare collagen and RBCs as well.

Medjool Dates to rectify your skin problems
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So, why spend so much on the creams and cosmetics. Improve your diet. Your skin will improve automatically!


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