9 Best Foods to Rectify Your Skin Problems

In Asian countries, winters last for a short period of time and most of the year a hot blazing sun is there to be ruthless to the skins. The night and day creams people use might provide temporary relief; however, the daily exposure does more damage than a cream can recover.

We have something special for all your skin problems. You need to check this out before you waste any more time being careless with your skin.

9 Beauty Foods To Rectify Your Skin Problems

Following is a list of 9 best food items which can be helpful in improving your skin health.

1. Lemons

So which of you literally took that phrase seriously that says, “When life gives you lemons – make lemonade”. I hope not really everyone. But actually, it is the magic trick.

Your skin during summers requires a lot of hydration. Kimberly, a nutritionist in LA says that one should start his day with a glass of hot water with lemon added to it. it helps in detoxification and the waste is discarded quickly from the body.

Lemons to rectify your skin problems
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2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is good for the skin health. It contain loads of Vitamin C and Vitamin A which help in improving the dead looking skins. Also, they contain biotin which improves the hair and nail growth as well. Oh yeah, you can add that pinch of chat masala to add the extra flavor.

Sweet Potatoes to rectify your skin problems
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