8 Foods to Avoid If You Have IBS

8. Coffee & Alcohol

Alcohol and java are undoubtedly the two most unique pleasures of fine living, but when suffering from IBS, it is best to avoid these two as they threaten to aggravate the symptoms of this already complex disease. You see, all foods and beverages that contain caffeine tend to trigger colon movements, which tend to force you to run down to the bathroom, particularly right after you enjoy your morning cup of coffee or a heavy drink at night.

Similarly, caffeine is also found in sodas, fizzy drinks, cocoa powder, certain OTC pain relievers and even dark chocolate, so it’s best to avoid these too or at least, be mindful about their consumption.

Research reveals that alcoholic drinks and cocktails are also harmful for those suffering from the symptoms of IBS. A recent study attempted to examine the GI symptoms of women suffering from IBS, mainly stomach aches, diarrhea and nausea. The results revealed that after a bout of binge drinking, which consisted of four or more drinks at one time, they experienced an increase in their GI symptoms.

Drinking Alcohol with IBS

Experts reveal that binge drinking tends to cause serious damage to the lining of the GI tract, which tends to disrupt and damage the bowel movements, bringing about pain and abnormalities.


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