8 Foods to Avoid If You Have IBS

6. Cereal, Pasta & Bread

Most products made with rye, barley and wheat, contain a protein, known as gluten, which tends to aggravate the symptoms of bloating, stomach ailments, constipation, and diarrhea, even amongst those who aren’t suffering from celiac disease. These products include baked treats, store-bought foods, granola bars, breads, pasta, cereals, grains, crackers and more.

A gluten sensitivity or intolerance cannot only aggravate your IBS symptoms but it can also trigger the onset of IBS. Patients who tend to develop IBS because of a gluten sensitivity often struggle with obtaining sufficient amounts of fiber through their diet. Therefore, it is highly recommended to focus on adding gluten-free grains, such as oats, quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice and millet to one’s daily diet. However, just make sure you carefully scan the labels and ingredients on the oats you pick out because most popular varieties tend to be contaminated by wheat.

IBS Breakfast Cereal

7. Packaged Food Items

It’s highly advisable to avoid eating all kinds of packaged and processed food items when suffering from the symptoms of IBS. If you truly want to understand the underlying causes that are triggering your digestive and stomach ailments, you must carefully examine the nutrition and ingredient labels of every single packaged food item you have added to your daily diet.

Some of the most common and popular convenience meals, frozen items, flavourings, soups, salad dressings, frozen foods, spice mixes, cereals and others contain FODMAPs in cleverly disguised forms that are given creative and seemingly healthy names.

For example, the word ‘dehydrated vegetables’ or ‘natural flavours’ are commonly added to spice mixes, which contain onion and garlic powder, and certain salad dressings contain ‘natural sweeteners’, which usually tend to be honey or agave syrup. It’s always best to find alternative and healthier products that have safe and transparent nutrient and ingredient lists so you are crystal clear about the ingredients and products that will enter your body upon consumption.

Fodmap Diet for IBS Constipation


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