7 Ways to Swap Carbs With Vegetables

Wouldn’t it be great if our favourite foods wouldn’t come loaded with so many waist-thickening carbs and hard-to-lose calories? Time and again, we hear our mothers, doctors, nutritionists and health-conscious friends telling us to eat our vegetables, and it appears that eating our vegetables does have a lot of benefits.

You see, all those colourful vegetables provided by nature stock up their own unique blend of healthy nutrients that aid in beautifying our skin and energizing our bodies. If we simply warm up to the idea of eating all our vegetables, we can reduce so many health ailments and witness so many amazing changes taking place in our body. We must all celebrate our vegetables instead of regarding them as a punishment that has to be consumed. And the best way is to add them to all your favourite meals as a replacement for all the carb-loaded items that are filled with empty calories.

7 Ways To Swap Carbs With Vegetables

Swapping your carbs with healthy and nutritious veggies is the best way to slice your calories and double the fun of your favourite treats by loading them up with powerful minerals and vitamins. For instance, substitute all those traditional refined carbohydrates with non-starchy vegetables that will provide your body a potent dose of minerals, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. You see, non-starchy vegetables are extremely low in calories, so not only will they fill you up but also, they will help you reduce your weight to achieve all your weight loss goals.

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The best part is, they are packed with heaps of fiber, which aids in promoting satiation for longer hours and cutting down appetite naturally. So basically, you’ll be much less likely to overeat during or after your meals.

There’s no need to feel intimidated for we are all equally guilty of indulging in our favourite carbs, be it a giant-sized portion of a chocolate cake, cheesy pastas or spicy white rice. Adding vegetables to your meals will work as a reminder to control your portion size and eat less. You see, carbohydrates like pasta or rice, tend to have a small portion size, nearly half a come, and if we eat more than a cup, we end up experiencing a blood sugar spike, which makes the body much likelier to store these empty calories in the form of fats.

On the other hand, if you eat vegetables, not only will they slow down digestion, but also, they won’t cause any blood sugar or insulin spikes, especially when you consume them with healthy fats and lean protein. If you’re still uncertain about the goodness of vegetables when paired with your favourite treats, we’ve picked out some amazing substitute ideas to help you embrace them with all your heart.

Here, take a look:

1. Zucchini Noodles

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? We all do, which is why it is essential to swap this common carb with a much healthier and nutritious substitute. Zucchini noodles are a much healthier substitute, packed with countless minerals and antioxidants. You’ll just need a good vegetable peeler to slice up your zucchinis into finely cut thin spaghetti-like strips. You can prepare it any way you want, whether you want to make a pasta salad, a casserole, or a baked-cheese delight.

Zucchini Noodles Swap Carbs with Vegetables
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2. Lettuce Wraps

Here’s an amazing trick to reduce the carbs and guilt from your favourite burritos and tacos. Just stop investing in those carb-loaded wheat wraps and use fresh lettuce instead.

For centuries, lettuce wraps have been used for wrapping meat and veggies all over the world, and a large lettuce leaf is loaded with countless nutrients to create a satiating and filling lunch meal. Just add all your toppings and sauces and roll it up like you roll your burritos. We suggest you to try a Tuna lettuce wrap with avocado slices.

Lettuce Wraps Swap Carbs with Vegetables
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