7 Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave

Modern kitchen is incomplete without microwave. It has become a necessity of modern life. Brownies, baked potatoes, one minute mug cakes, popcorn and many more that cannot imagine without microwave. In our busy schedule where it saves our time on the other hand it makes our task easily done.

You should be extra careful while using a microwave. Otherwise you have to face an explosion. There are many ingredients that lose its nutrients during microwave process. So to handle these things tactfully you should be careful as well smart user.

1. Chilli Peppers

This is not a good idea to microwave chilli peppers. It is acidic in nature and at raised temperature it may burn and might catch fire. On the opening of microwave door it may sore your eyes or hurt your throat.

Never Put Chili Peppers in Microwave

2. Grapes

Grapes cannot endure heat and they are exploded when it is kept at high temperature.

Grape in Microwave


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