7 Foods That Stop Hair Loss

It is most alarming and horrible to see your comb full of hairs after combing in your hair. Some people experience it with the growing age but many people have to face this condition in quite young age. Steadily they experience baldness pattern. Male or female both have the tendency of hair loss. Infact both are victims of these conditions where they are confronting of bald spots and thinning tresses.

It is the most stressful condition to see your hairs becoming weaker day by day. Sometimes the reason of hair loss is different like diabetes, lack of sleep, autoimmune disorders, vitamin deficiencies, stress etc. These problems require serious medical attention. But if you facing hair loss because you are not giving proper time and care than just changing some dietary pattern you will feel a difference.

Anemia hair loss

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Research has proved that there are some foods that are helpful in stopping hair loss because these foods have hair growth nutrients.

1. Salmon

The key structural component of hair is keratin and protein is required to produce keratin. So if you want healthy and strong hair than a smart choice is to select such foods that are rich in proteins. Hair is protein fiber and to get the protein marine food is the best option.

In marine food, salmon is rich in protein that is not only helpful in growing the new strands but also strengthen the existing ones. Salmon is hair health booster that is also packed with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin content.

Calories in Atlantic Salmon


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Christine John - July 31, 2017

Thanx realy i do have a problem with my hair scaling and itching .

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l hope this also is a remedy to maintaining the black colour of hair

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Thanx for your advice

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Thank you for information..

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Very useful

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