7 Foods That Make You Look Older

4. Lemonade

Lemons are loaded with acids, which makes them one of the most harmful foods for our teeth. You see, once the acid is allowed to sit upon our teeth for longer periods of time, it tends to penetrate beneath the enamel to the extent where the enamel can no longer be re-mineralized.

Lemonades are even unhealthier for the teeth because they aren’t just acidic, but in fact, they also pack up a high amount of sugar, which is harmful for both, your skin and your teeth.

If you’re planning to pick out diet soda as an alternative for lemonade, we’ve got some bad news for you: diet drinks may not contain sugar, but they contain far more teeth-rotting acids than lemonade. So, it’s always best to stay safe and pick out fresh and clean water, or an all-natural fruit juice or smoothie for a burst of antioxidants.

Cup of Lemonade

5. Margarine

Most common brands of margarine pack up an incredibly high amount of unhealthy Trans fats, while even the few solid-stick brands can provide a hazardous amount of at least two grams Trans fat with just one tablespoon.

You see, when we consume Trans fats, free radicals begin to form within our body, which are harmful for our skin complexion and health in the long-run. Trans fats lead to widespread inflammation throughout the body, which further leads to premature signs of ageing along with triggering the symptoms of degenerative age-related ailments, such as Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis and heart ailments. In order to stay safe, it’s best to use liquid-based vegetable oils or a mindful serving of butter.

Margarine Nutrition Label


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