7 Foods That Make You Look Older

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is loaded with countless healthy nutrients, such as vitamin D, protein and bone-fortifying calcium, however, most manufacturers tend to add heaps of extra sugar in even low-fat varieties to make up for the lack of flavour. Devouring excessive amounts of sugar is extremely harmful for the skin and causes premature ageing.

If you have a high-sugar diet, it will cause an adverse effect on the collagen production of your skin. Research reveals that sugar damages the collagen fibres, rendering them unable to repair themselves naturally. Therefore, it is always safe to say no to sugar whenever you can. Be sure to pick out plain unsweetened yogurt or Greek yogurt, which you can enjoy with fresh berries and other fruits.

How To Eat Plain Yogurt

3. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits provide our body a great deal of nutrients as opposed to sugar loaded candies, but most people aren’t aware that they also have some disadvantages. You see, they provide us a great deal of sugar, nearly 23 grams for every quarter-cup portion, and they also get stuck within our teeth, making them a breeding ground for bacteria.

You see, once sugar gets stuck within the teeth, it begins to form bacteria that causes severe discoloration, cavities and eventually, leads to plaque if it is not removed. Moreover, dried fruits are also incredibly rich in sulfites, which are used to preserve certain foods and tend to be harmful for the skin. Basically, sulfites increase the production of free radicals, which harm the skin by preventing the growth of collagen. Therefore, it is always safest to pick out fresh whole fruits that contain rich amounts of fiber, which slow down digestion, along with being low in sugar.

If you’re a huge fan of dried apricots, be sure to give your teeth a thorough brushing right after devouring them. You can even chew some sugarless gum as it aids in increasing the flow of saliva to wash out the mouth from every nook and cranny.

No Sugar Added Dried Fruit Brands


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