7 Tips to Combat Dry Skin

6. Warm showers and hot baths:

Evening showers and hot baths will hydrate the skin and also rinse all the unnecessary oil and dirt from the body.

Marchbein suggests that rinse yourself for a maximum of five minutes so that the water does not cause dryness of the skin.

After every shower makes sure you generously apply a thick layer of cream to add the necessary moisture that you had lost. This should be done soon after the shower before you expose to dry air much.

Warm showers and Hot Baths
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7. Observe a regular night routine

Before you go to sleep, moisturize your skin and apply a serum to exfoliate it. a night cream could also be used.

For the eye bags, apply a night cream below the eyes and on the eyelids. Also, don’t miss moisturizing your lips. Use a good lip balm for that.

For extra dry skin, hydrate your cream excessively once in a week before hitting the hay.

Observe a regular night routine
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