7 Tips to Combat Dry Skin

3. Regular Exfoliation of your skin

For dry skin, buffing of skin is a must. You can not totally rely on the creams and serums solely to keep your skin hydrated.

Marchbein, a skin specialist suggests that a mild scrub combined with lactic or glycolic acid can help you get rid of the dead cells layer on your face. If one has extremely sensitive skin, he can go for milder options like wet washcloth instead of an exfoliator. Serums and moisturizers work very well together when skin is exfoliated.

Regular Exfoliation of your Skin
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4. Get yourself a heavy cream

If your skin is very dry, the lotion will not work with you. Instead of that buy a heavy cream for application on the skin. It will greatly help in keeping the skin perfectly hydrated.

Patients with parched skin should use these creams day and night to give their skin that plumper look.

Get yourself a heavy cream
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5. Don’t use harsh cleansing milk:

If your cleanser leaves sore, redness or allergic reactions on your skin after use, you need to discontinue using it now.

Those products that are loaded with loads of fragrances and preservative can also deteriorate the skin health. Instead of them use natural oils extracted from almonds or olives.

Don’t use Harsh Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin
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