6 Surprising Moves for Flatter Abs

4. Get dramatic by acting as if gum got stuck on the chair

Sounds funny! It’s about make-belief effect where you have to pretend or imagine that gum or paint is there at your seat’s back so sit straight up and forward to save yourself from getting into trouble. Drop your shoulders and move them backwards, lift abdomen and visualize yourself to be knitting together of your rib cage.

5. Balance yourself

Replace your chair with an exercise ball and balance on it. It will enhance your focus as well as empower you for dealing better with your workload. Various studies have verified the fact that exercise balls helped students focus better on their work and they stayed more attentive in class. What happens is that all the body muscles are engaged in keeping a balance and you maintain a better posture and become more attentive to everything around you. You will have a healthier and stronger spine with lesser or no back pain.

Find out a perfect ball size for yourself according to your height:

  • For 4’6’’ height, a 12’’ ball is perfect
  • For up to 5’0’’ height, a 18’’ ball is perfect
  • For up to 5’7’’ height, a 22’’ ball is perfect option
  • For up to 6’2’’ height, a 26’’ ball will be perfect choice and
  • For Above 6’2’’ height, a 30’’ ball is a requirement.

Stay Balanced

6. Hula Hoop fun

Revive your childhood memories of hula hoops craze. Even Michelle Obama loved hooping along with her daughters and Marisa Tomei revealed hooping to be a reason behind her strong and sexy physique at the age of 46. Find out some adult size fitness hoops and start twirling and twisting again like a little girl. Keep your upper and lower section of body stable and static and just move your hips from side to side to keep on hooping the ring.


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