6 Surprising Moves for Flatter Abs

Cool and effortless ways to make your belly flatter and tighter

Traditional exercises for abs are way too boring and it’s difficult to be consistent after a day or two. Flatter belly is trending and sounds healthy too so we have gathered fun and interesting moves to flatten your belly muscles when you are stuck in a long waiting queue or are cooking or simply working at your office desk. It really sounds amazing! It’s because of what a trainer “Kathy Smith”, starring in the DVD Ageless with Kathy Smith: Staying Strong, says that it’s real easy target to engage your abdominal muscles just by holding your breath for long i.e. pull in your belly and maintain that position for a minute. Amazingly, repeating it for about 10 times each day will result in firmer and stronger core in a week.

We’ve got 6 incredibly simple ways for you to tone up your belly faster. They are time savers as you don’t need to get extra time out of your routine especially for them.

1. Work out on 2-sec posture check

Posture matters a lot! It affects your personality a lot. Andrea Metcalf , who authored Naked Fitness and is an expert for “Anytime Fitness”, says that straighten up your posture to let your abs appear toned up. Often, you are waiting in long lines for one thing or another; all you need to do is push your tail bone inwards and hip bones upwards as if you are connecting your hip-bones to rib cage.

Even when you are walking, keep the pressure off of your lower backbone by tucking in the tailbone. It will get your stomach look firmer and flatter.

Do this 2 second Posture Check


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