6 Scary Reasons Your Joints Hurt

2. Gout

Another main reason behind joint pain can be gout. It is joint inflammation and is one of the most painful types of arthritis. This is usually caused due to too much protein intake. People who go on a protein diet and consume more protein than their body’s requirement are likely to get affected.

Luga Podesta, MD, Director of Sports Medicine at St. Charles Orthopedics in New York says that too much protein intake can cause your body to produce a lot of uric acid and all of it cannot be excreted out of the body. This results in a severe inflammatory reaction called gout. The main symptoms of gout are heat, swelling, redness and very intense pain that cannot be ignored. This pain usually starts occurring in your big toe and then spreads to the other joints.

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Protein intake might be the major reason behind gout but it is not the only reason. Too much alcohol intake, drinking sugary drinks, dehydration or consuming some medicines e.g. beta blockers can also be the reasons behind gout. Being overweight can also put you at risk.

3. Lyme Disease

Podesta says that every year, almost 30,000 people get affected with this disease because of being bitten by a tick. The tick sucks the blood out of your body but spreads an infection in your bloodstream with its head. The early symptoms of this disease can be fatigue, fever, headache, and in some cases, a bull’s eye-rash too.

Its usually difficult to diagnose lyme disease in areas that are not regional to ticks. But is is very important to diagnose and treat it as if not treated on time, the bacteria can spread throughout your body and specially in your knees. It can also cause neck stiffness and soreness in hands and feet and in the later stages, can also effect the cardiovascular and nervous system.

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