6 Foods That Increase Breast Milk Supply

New mothers have high beliefs about breast feeding. Although it is a wonderful choice to choose breast feeding but it can be hard on mothers if things don’t go as planned. The most common situation is you are not producing enough milk. Surprisingly there is a list of ways you can boost your milk production. One of the ways is by ingesting onto foods that are rich in nutrients known for increasing lactation.

Can certain foods actually boost breast milk production?

You ears heard it correctly; there are certain foods that can increase your breast milk supply. It sounds easy right? But it is only possible if your palate is strong. Because foods that look delicious are not so devouring when you eat them.

Fennel, a flowering plant is said to boost up milk production but it tastes like black licorice Eww! But here is a list of scrumptious foods that you can add to your diet to see rapid change in your milk production.

6 Foods That Help Build Up Your Breast Milk Supply

Foods that help increase your breast milk supply:

1. Garlic

People in your home might stay away from you for a few hours if you smell of garlic. But garlic increases your milk production rapidly. Adding on garlic is known to remove the threat of certain cancers.

Garlic Help Build Up Breast Milk Supply

Credit: Archiwum Allegro

2. Brewer’s Yeast

Feast onto some breakfast smoothie. This yeast supplies your body with a lot of energy. But it also signals your body to increase milk production.

Brewer’s Yeast Help Build Up Breast Milk Supply

Credit: Dr.Axe


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