5 Common Mistakes that Make your Toothbrush Unhygienic

4. Believing that Toothpaste can make your Brush Clean

Many people believe that toothpastes can disinfect the toothbrush, but truth be told, a normal toothpaste formula that is loaded with chemicals really has no effect on the bacteria or viruses lurking on the brush. Even if the toothbrush reads antibacterial on the label, it is better to steer clear of such marketing gimmicks. Experts reveal that the human mouth is laden with billions of healthy bacteria, in a region that is known as the oral microbiome.

Now, then the oral microbiome is flourishing with good health, the mouth is fortified against all harmful bacteria and viruses lurking in the air and environment. However, the oral microbiome tends to be unhealthy in a large number of people who use damaging products, such as mouthwashes that contain alcohol and detergent-like toothpaste formulas.

Believing that Toothpaste can make your Brush Clean
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5. Your Toothpaste is laden with Chemicals

Does your toothpaste contain an unnecessary amount of chemicals? If you’re using un-medicated and mass produced brands like Colgate, your toothpaste is most likely to be laden with chemicals. Dental experts believe that is important to steer clear of toothpaste brands that contain harmful chemicals, particularly triclosan copolymer and sodium laurel sulfate.

You see, sodium laurel sulfate, an emulsifier, is actually a detergent and tends to be very irritating for the mouth and gums. Experts have warned that this particular chemical is one of the widely identified causes of increase in canker sores. Moreover, there is a compelling amount of research that raises concerns over exposure to triclosan, which is basically an antifungal and antibacterial compound that might be raising the strains of resistant bacteria.

It is important to understand that sound and good oral health is necessary to fortify and strengthen the overall health of your body. Eliminating the risk factors of oral diseases and boosting your dental health is the first and foremost preventive measure to ensure a long and mindful life.

Needless to say, the mouth is one of the greatest breeding grounds of inflammation, allowing it to spread throughout the body, and if you can counter inflammation with a powerful and flourishing dental health, you can escape the hazards of inflammation, which threaten to deteriorate your health and strength.

Your Toothpaste is laden with Chemicals


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