5 Most Common Types of Cancer In Women

5. Thyroid Cancer

There were around 49,350 new cases of thyroid cases amongst women in 2016. Researchers reveal that the chances of patients suffering with thyroid cancer have nearly tripled in the last two decades.

However, there’s no need to worry because experts believe that even though the numbers of actual thyroid cancer cases have not increased as much, doctors are picking up many more incidental cases while conducting MRIs or CT scans to diagnose other ailments, such as neck aches and migraines. Moreover, despite the sudden and alarming increase in the incident rates of thyroid cancer, the death rates have remained unusually stable.

Thyroid Cancer Hypothyroidism

How can you protect yourself?

You can protect yourself by avoiding rushing into any kind of overtreatment. When your doctor detects the presence of a tiny nodule, it is highly advisable to monitor it for some time rather than rushing into surgery. And even if your doctor recommends the urgency of a surgery, you always have the option of getting just half of the thyroid removed instead of the entire gland.

In such an instance, you will not need to take the thyroid replacement hormone. In the instance your doctor stresses the need to remove the entire thyroid, even if you have a nodule under 1 centimetre, it is highly advisable to obtain a second opinion.

Keep in mind that a surgical operations comes with several risks, such as permanently damaging your vocal cords, and it also requires you to take thyroid hormone for as long as you live.


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