5 Most Common Types of Cancer In Women

4. Breast Cancer

Statistics suggest that there were nearly 246,660 cases of breast cancer registered in 2016 alone. Even though breast cancer is not the most commonly occurring type of cancer amongst women, as skin cancer happens to be the No. 1. However, experts don’t categorise non-melanoma skin cancers in these statistics as they aren’t usually life-threatening.

Nearly 8,500 patients in America get diagnosed with any given type of skin cancer every single day, while there is an estimated number of 144,860 new cases of potentially fatal melanoma to grow in both, men and women, this year.

Hormone Therapy For Breast Cancer

Nearly every 1 out of 8 women are likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Fortunately, after constantly rising for over 20 years, the number of women patients suffering from breast cancer has begun to drop since 2000, and it has experienced a 7% decrease from 2002 until 2003. Researchers suggest that this can be explained by a decline in the number of women who used hormone therapy to eliminate the symptoms of menopause. Moreover, if the breast cancer is cured and treated during its earliest stage, it now has a 5-year survival rate for about 100%.

How can you protect yourself?

It is absolutely essential to perform regular mammograms so be sure to consult your doctors on the ideal time to begin getting them. Experts recommend everyone above the age of 45 to get these tests done annually. Also, it is equally important to make a closer inspection of your lifestyle, particularly your eating habits.

Individuals who consume a high-fat diet consisting of foods made with animal fat, along with being sedentary and obese, tend to experience greater risk factors that lead to the development of breast cancers. Therefore, adopt a healthy, well-balanced diet, and cut down your alcohol consumption, because regular consumption of alcohol has been directly associated with increases risks of breast cancer, and research suggests that the more you consume, the higher your risk.


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