4 Ways Men Can Battle Skin Problems

2. Shave irritation

During winters, do you face irritation after you shave?  If you don’t keep a beard, your skin needs extra care from the patching, redness, and bumps that itch sometimes.

Before you shave try exfoliating. It will wear away the dead skin cells and allow the pores space to breath. Use a safety razor instead and a lotion type or consistency shaving cream to avoid the bruises.

The multi-bladed razors should be avoided as they worsen the situation. They contact the skin very deeply, therefore, can damage it. Also, after every shave uses an alcohol-free aftershave to prevent infection.

Shave Irritation Skin Problem
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3. Cracked hands

For those hard cracked hands and foot, you need to find a good hand cream and a foot cream which will keep the skin hydrated.

If you have extra sensitive skin, use lotions that are not scented.

Mens Cracked Hands Skin Problem


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