33 Amazing Foods That Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

31. Fish

Fish is extremely healthy and it happens to be one of the richest sources of protein. Experts believe that certain wild-caught fish varieties, for instance sardines, Atlantic mackerel caught from Canada, and anchovies are exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and notably low concentrations of harmful contaminants.

Wild salmon is an incredibly rich source of protein, along with being one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids as they eat a lot of krill and shrimp, which also gives salmon their exquisite colour and an exceptionally rich concentration of powerful antioxidants.

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32. Meat

Be sure to steer clear of factory farmed meat varieties as they contain nothing but antibiotics, hormones and toxic chemicals. Instead, pick out safe and clean meat derived from grass-fed land animals, who were raised without giving any feed grown with the use of pesticides.

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33. Whey Protein Powder

If you are a big fan of dairy products, be sure to add whey to your daily diet as it is an incredibly rich source of protein. Whey protein powder is basically a by-product of cheese and milk, and it has been immensely popular for its countless health benefits since the Greek physician, Hippocrates, began laying the foundations of modern medicine.

Researchers believe that whey protein powder contains all the vital amino acids that are required for the production of glutathione, which is responsible for protecting the liver and the rest of the body. Just be sure to pick out high quality varieties of whey protein powder derived from grass-fed cows in order to experience effective results.

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