20 Best Foods for Every Vitamin and Mineral

18. Selenium

Why you need it: Selenium is an extremely essential mineral that also boosts a potently powerful antioxidant profile. Even though the human body only needs small quantities of this powerful mineral, it plays an instrumental role in shielding the body against the attacks of chronic ailments. Moreover, it also aids in regulating the immune system and the thyroid function.

Where to get it:

Eight Brazil nuts can provide you a whopping 544 mcg of selenium, which is a mighty 777% of your daily recommended requirement of this mineral. Keep in mind that an excessive consumption of selenium can be harmful for the body, so it’s better to pick out food sources that provide small quantities of this mineral.

For instance, canned tuna can provide you 68mg of selenium for every 3 ounce serving, which makes us 97% of your daily dosage requirement. Fix yourself a selenium-rich dinner of Sicilian tuna and white bean bruschetta.

19. Thiamin

Why you need it: Thiamin, more commonly referred to as vitamin B1, is one of the most essential vitamins as it aids the body in converting carbohydrates into energy. Moreover, this important vitamin also regulates the brain, and ensures the nervous system runs optimally and smoothly.

Where to get it:

Much like riboflavin, thiamin can also be obtained from dried yeast. It is actually one of the best food-based sources of vitamin B1, and a 100-gram serving will provide you a whopping 11 mg of thiamin.

However, most people find it easier to obtain their fill of vitamin B1 from other sources, like pine nuts that contain 1.2 mg thiamin in each serving, or soybeans, which pack up 1.1mg thiamin in each serving. You can fix yourself a delicious meal of sautéed Brussels sprouts, sprinkled with parmesan and garnished with pine nuts.

20. Zinc

Why you need it: Research reveals that the consumption of zinc plays a detrimental role in regulating the immune function within the human body, which explains why it is so effective at eliminating the symptoms of a cold. Moreover, zinc is also essential to strengthen the senses of smell and taste.

Where to get it:

You can obtain zinc from a variety of foods, for instance, oysters pack up the richest concentration of zinc, and all you need is one serving to pack up a whopping 74 mg of zinc, which is more than 500% of your daily recommended requirement of this mineral.

Most people consume this essential mineral from poultry and red meat. Alaska King Crab is also incredibly rich in zinc. Three ounces of beef chuck roast can provide you 7 mg of zinc, so treat yourself to a spicy beef and kimchi stew for lunch.


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