20 Best Foods for Every Vitamin and Mineral

In order to ensure the body functions smoothly and enjoys maximum energy levels along with good health of all its organs, it requires a wide variety of essential nutrients, which include the protective antioxidants that ward of diseases, the heavy minerals that build up our bones, and vitamins that regulate several bodily processes.

Now, even though a daily supplement can help you obtain some of these nutrients, only a wholesome and mindful diet comprising of real foods can replenish your body with all the essential nutrients that you need on a daily basis.

It is essential to obtain your vitamins and minerals as nature intended, which is only through your food. We’ve picked out all the best foods that can provide your body an abundance of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, along with some delicious recipes to give your taste buds a nutritious treat.

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Here, take a look:

1. Vitamin K

Why you need it: Vitamin K, also known as phylloquinone, is extremely essential in blood clotting or coagulation, and if the body is deprived of this essential vitamin, it will be unable to stop bleeding in the instance of a cut or bruise. Leafy green veggies are one of the richest sources of this vitamin, and one cup of kale is all you need to load up your body with an impressive 1.1 mg of vitamin K.

Where to get it:

Spinach and collard greens are also powerful sources as they pack up nearly 1 mg in every one cup serving. You can also obtain vitamin k from mustard, beet greens and turnips. For a dinner loaded with vitamin k, treat your family to a delicious meal of Tuscan kale served with goat cheese, plums and almonds.

Which Vitamin Helps with Blood Clotting

2. Vitamin A

Why you need it: Vitamin A and all its types are extremely essential to maintain a strong immunity, regulate reproductive behaviors and primarily, strengthen our vision. Vitamins A, particularly beta-carotene, are extremely essential for ensuring the proper functioning of the retina, cornea and even the eye membranes.

Where to get it:

Sweet potatoes pack up the richest concentration of vitamin A, and all you need is one medium-sized baked sweet potato to load upon more than 28000 IU of vitamin A, which is a whopping 561% of your daily dosage requirement. So, fix your family a delicious appetizer of oven-roasted sweet potato wedges instead of the oily regular fries.

Vitamin A Retinol Food Sources

Vitamins A can also be obtained from other food sources, such as carrots, eggs, beef liver, fish, spinach and milk.


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