18 Things That Happen When You Sleep in Makeup

One does not necessarily have to be a dermatology expert to conclude that sleeping with makeup on is extremely damaging to the health and youthfulness of one’s skin. Even if you are awfully exhausted and it is super late, you must take out 10 minutes to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

The damages and repercussions of sleeping without cleansing away your makeup are far too threatening to ignore them and have a good night’s sleep. You see, the simple act of not washing your face before bed can do detrimental damage to your skin with its countless harmful effects.

18 Things That Happen When You Sleep in Makeup

We have compiled a list of all the damages and hazards your skin has to suffer, especially the pores and lashes, when you fail to remove you makeup before sleeping.

Here, take a look:

1. Clogged Pores

The most obvious and dangerous implication of sleeping with makeup on is clogged pores because most makeup products tend to have harsh ingredients, particularly silicone, which is notorious for clogging up pores. You see, when the pores get blocked, the skin is unable to rejuvenate or heal the skin as the pores are no longer able to secrete lipids that hydrate and moisturize. This causes the skin to become vulnerable to acne breakouts and blackheads. Needless to say, if you fail to remove your makeup before hitting the bed, you are causing grave damage to your skin.

Clogged Pores If You Sleep in Makeup
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2. Premature Ageing & Wrinkles

Sleeping with makeup leads to clogged pores and heavy breakouts that promote sensitivity, dryness and redness, and naturally, speed up the process of ageing, causing wrinkles to emerge on your skin.

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Allowing the makeup products to cake up onto your face as you sleep will promote a collagen breakdown, and if the collagen is not produced in a healthy manner, it speeds up the signs of ageing by promoting the emergence of dryness and wrinkles.

Premature Ageing & Wrinkles If You Sleep in Makeup
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