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14 Easy Fruit Carving Ideas for Beginners

12. Pineapple Owl

1. Scrape some surface out of a pine apple and attach some olives with tooth picks for the eyes.

2. Attach two leaves on the side of the pineapple for the hands of the owl and two on the bottom of the pineapple for the legs.

3. Carve out a v shaped apple and insert into the face for the nose of the owl.

Pineapple Owl Carving Ideas

13. Flowering Pineapple Garden

Isn’t it astounding that what wonders one can create with just a water melon and a few toothpicks.

1. Slice the melon into half and use one of the half for the container.

2. Empty its content and replace it with heart shaped melons on tooth picks inserted into the water melon container.

Flowering Pineapple Garden Carving Ideas

Credit: watermelon.org

14. Orange Ducks

Take two oranges and stack them onto each other.

1. Make a beak out of the skin of another orange and attach it to the orange that is on the top.

2. Make a pair of eye using olives and inset them into the duck’s head.

3. Carve v shaped hands out of orange skin and attach them to the duck. Quack! The duck has come to life.

Orange Ducks Carving Ideas


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