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14 Easy Fruit Carving Ideas for Beginners

9. Watermelon Cactus

1. Pick out a towering water melon and carve out a cactus shape attached with a hemispherical pot from the water melon.

2. Empty the circular part of the cactus in simple words take out the red flesh.

3. Attach tooth picks to give the spiky effect. Fill the circular part with berries and small fruits.

Watermelon Cactus Carving Ideas

Credit: watermelon.org

10. Valentine Melon Hearts

Don’t waste money on expensive chocolate just opt for something more juicy and exciting.

1. Cut our several slices from the melon and use a heart shaped cutter to carve out heart shapes from the melon’s flesh.

2. Insert these hearts onto a tooth pick and enjoy!

Valentine Melon Hearts Carving Ideas

Credit: recipebyphoto.com

11. Apple Hummingbird

1. Take an apple and cut its head and carve v shapes into the detached apple’s head. This will act as the flower.

2. Make a humming bird out a pear with wings.

3. Attach the mouth of the humming bird and the apple cut out surface with a toothpick. The tooth pick will act as the humming’s bird’s beak.

Apple Hummingbird Carving Ideas


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