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14 Easy Fruit Carving Ideas for Beginners

6. Strawberry Roses

For this recipe you will need a sharp paring knife, strawberries and artificial rose stems.

1. Use the knife to make the strawberries skin protrude out like the petals of a flower and attach the stem to the strawberries head.

2. Repeat this process with a couple of strawberries. Your strawberry roses are ready to be used for dipping in chocolate or desert.

Strawberry Roses Carving Ideas

Credit: spendwithpennies.com

7. Apple Decorations

An apple can be turned into a piece of magnificent art.

1. Imprint little hearts into the apple using a fine heart shaped cutter.

2. Use a knife to make the apple look like a leafy plant by finely cutting the appleā€™s skin .

3. A peeler can be used to make unique designs of an ordinary apple.

Apple Decorations Carving Ideas

Credit: Pinterest

8. Apple Swan

1. Place your apple on a cutting board and cut the apple with a slanting angle, going through the middle and ending up at the other side of the apple.

2. Place two chopsticks on the board and then place the apple on them. Cut the wings from the apple by slicing until you reach the chopsticks. This will prevent you from cutting the entire apple.

3. Repeat the processes with the other halve. Carefully slide out the loose parts of the apple.

4. Now you two sets of wings from both halves. Carve the swan head out of the scrap apple material. Push the head between the sets of wings. Congratulations! Your swan is swimming

Apple Swan Carving Ideas

Credit: makesushi.com


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