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14 Easy Fruit Carving Ideas for Beginners

3. Pineapple Alligator

1. Place the Two pineapples onto a table. Slice both the pineapples in two equal halves. Now you have 4 pieces of pineapple. Place each halve upside down so that the inner part faces down on the table and the rough skin is visible on the outside.

2. Take any two light green fruits and slice them in half.

3. Carve a v shape out of ever half to make the hands and legs of the alligator.

4. Place the v shaped halves side by side two to make the hands and other two to make the legs.

5. Pick out two black olives and place them on the head of the alligator to make it’s scary eyes.

Pineapple Alligator Carving Ideas

Credit: Pinterest

4. Grape and Pear Hedgehog

Carve a spiky hedgehog with just a couple of fruits and tools. You will require a set of thick tooth picks, grapes, pear and an olive and some cloves for the eyes.

1. Insert the toothpicks into the grapes one by one. Then push these toothpicks into the pear. Be sure to push them in to the pear they must not come out from the other side.

2. Cut the black olive into half. Fit half of the olive onto the edge of pear making it look like the hedgehog’s nose. The grape tooth pick will make the spikes of the hedgehog.

3. Then insert two cloves into the pear. Now the hedgehog has eyes. Your thorny friend is ready.

Grape and Pear Hedgehog Carving Ideas

Credit: awesomefood1

5. Watermelon Tinker bell

1. Pick out a small water melon and slice it into two equal halves.

2. Cut the melon to look like a teacup. Pick out one of the halves and remove its entire inner flesh and replace it with berries and strawberries.

3. Carve a fairy out of the other useless half’s skin and insert it into the center of the cup shaped melon filled with strawberries and berries. Now carve out a little handle from the other halves skin and attach it to the cup shaped melon with glue.

4. Take out a tooth pick and attach some chart paper to it in such a way that it looks like the fairy’s wand. Now insert the wand into the fairy’s hand.

Watermelon Tinkerbell Carving Ideas

Credit: Pinterest


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