12 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

7. Avoid Certain Foods:

The pregnant ladies should avoid the certain foods like raw or rare meats. Raw food can cause food poisoning. Pregnant ladies should avoid the half baked and partially cooked food.

Sometimes unpasteurized animal products, raw eggs in the form of mayonnaise and soft cheeses like feta, brie and unpasteurized milk may contain specific type of bacteria that can cause infection.

Sushi and fishes could be high in mercury. Mercury is very dangerous for pregnant ladies. In some cases the abruptly use of sushi and raw fishes showed the result of miscarriages. The food should be proper cooked, baked or steamed.

Avoid Certain Foods to Stay Healthy in Pregnancy

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8. Don’t drink alcohol:

Alcohol has very bad impact not only mother’s health but also on the baby’s health. Alcohol should not be taken before and during the pregnancy even in breastfeeding period.

A specific disorder known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is observed in the baby whose mother is used to taking alcohol. FASD is a disorder that can cause learning disabilities, abnormal facial features and behavioral issues.

Don’t Drink Alcohol to Stay Healthy in Pregnancy

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9. Get a flu shot:

Flu makes you sick and may cause chest and throat infection. During the pregnancy it is better to consult the doctor about getting a flu shot.

Get a Flu Shot to Stay Healthy in Pregnancy

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