12 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

3. Stay hydrated:

A pregnant woman needs more water than the normal person. It is good to take at least eight or more glasses of water to make the things smooth. Constipation is very dangerous during the pregnancy but if pregnant lady stays hydrated she can easily cover this problem.

Moreover seventy percent of our body is consisted of water. Our body cells require water. In the womb water acts as cushion and helps the fetus for proper growth and development.

Stay Hydrated to Stay Healthy in Pregnancy

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4. Proper parental care:

A pregnant lady needs proper care and guidance. But pregnant ladies usually visit to the doctor when three months are over. It is not the right way. Because in the starting three months fetus is completed after that just growth of fetus is made.

Proper Parental Care to Stay Healthy in Pregnancy

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The result of low birth weight comes forward when there is not proper guidance available. So it is very necessary to visit the doctor and use the prescribed formula and multivitamins.

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5. Don’t smoke:

Just like the drinking alcohol, smoking is very dangerous for the unborn baby. It may cause premature birth, improper growth, miscarriage and several other unhealthy outcomes.

Researches show that smoking increase the risk of specific type of syndrome known as SIDS (sudden Infant death syndrome).

Don’t Smoke to Stay Healthy in Pregnancy

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6. Get moving:

Walk and light exercise is very healthy for pregnant ladies. Walk is best and tries to keep yourself busy in healthy physical activity.

Get Moving to Stay Healthy in Pregnancy

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