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12 Snacks to Avoid When You’re Trying to Burn Tummy Fat

9. Skimmed milk & Granola Bars

Even though this is considered the go-to breakfast for a healthy diet, one cup of skimmed milk and half a cup of granola gives you 360 calories. And that’s all because behind all the pretentious healthiness that is shown in advertisements, granola bars are mostly made up of fats and sugar.

So, if your breakfast wasn’t too filling and you feel like grabbing another one around 10am, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with energizing your body. However, quit the granola bars and opt for a much more nutritious snack instant oats. They are much more filling and satisfying!

Best Low Calorie Granola Bars

10. 100-Calorie Cookie Packs

Most 100-calorie cookie packs such as Chips Ahoy or Oreos tend to be a really bad choice when you’re trying to lose weight. Even though the popular opinion believes them to be healthy and low in fats, studies reveal that they create the same weight loss problems as any other processed cookies.

Cookies are cookies, they are unhealthy and they shouldn’t be a part of your diet. So, try to substitute your Oreo cravings with something healthier, for instance roasted pumpkin seeds that contain lesser calories and tend to be more filling.

Filling Snacks with Low Calories


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