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12 Snacks to Avoid When You’re Trying to Burn Tummy Fat

2. Trail Mix

Trail mix is a snack that we all love gorging on at our desk or practically everywhere else. It is yummy, supposedly light and very sweet. But it contains a great deal of processed chocolate and that is definitely not going to help you with your diet. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a sweet bar of goodness, why not opt for fruity bars or nut bars.

You can even make your own bars with fruits and nuts, like walnuts, almonds, apricots, cherries and many others. They will enrich your body with countless nutrients, energize you during the day and fill you up unlike those fat filled empty calories you take in with trail mix.

Things to Put in Trail Mix

3. Pretzels

As much as you may like stocking up on pretzels, you simply cannot deny that these all-time favourite snacks are horribly rich in sodium. When you’re consuming a high quantity of sodium, which in the case of one serving of pretzels equals to 20% of your daily diet, your water retention speeds up and you feel bloated and puffy.

The worst part is, high levels of sodium have been directly linked to heart diseases. So, if you feel a craving for pretzels, delight yourself with salted peanuts or slated and shelled pistachios. They are rich in fibers and proteins and they will also fill you up so you don’t feel too hungry and end up making another unhealthy eating choice.

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4. Bottled Smoothies

Bottled smoothies are often considered a good choice among the low-calorie items. But if truth be told, they contain more than just one serving in a bottle.

The best way to ensure how many calories are present in your smoothie is to make it yourself. You get to add all the ingredients you want and enjoy the essential nutrients present in fresh fruits. Besides, there are countless smoothies that can help you slim up and delight your taste buds with their fruity essence, so why waste your money and your health on the bottled ones, hmm?

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