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12 Snacks to Avoid When You’re Trying to Burn Tummy Fat

Snacks to Avoid when you’re dieting to shed off those nasty pounds!

We all like to have a little snack every once in a while. It builds up our energy, helps us get away from our boring work at our boring desk. And of course, our day just gets much better when we gorge down a melted chocolate brownie or a large chocolate chip cookie. But all these habits certainly don’t go well with our healthy when we’re trying to shed away those nasty pounds. Snacking is usually avoided during a diet but if you do it the right away, it can actually help you speed up your weight loss and shed more pounds quicker!

You see, proper snacks that are high in nutrients and low in fats actually work to speed up your metabolism and control those pangs of hunger that cause you to crave huge slices of pizza and baked potatoes. But eating the wrong kind of snacks can most definitely ruin your diet, and that means you should watch out for packaged foods that say “healthy” on the label and are actually brimming with carbs, sugars and fats.

Foods avoid eating when losing weight

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Here are the kinds of snacks you need to avoid religiously if you want to shed those pounds for good!

1. Rice Cakes

The popular opinion about rice cakes portrays them as the healthiest food choices for snacks since they are extremely low in calories and contain absolutely no fats. But hey, they are also extremely high on the glycemic index.

While sugar itself has a rating of 100, rice cakes rate up to 82, making them bad choice during a diet regardless of the calorie count. So if you feel like having a rice cake, treat yourself to air-popped popcorns and gorge them down with different healthy toppings, like mustard or olive oil.

Rice Cakes and Weight Loss


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