12 Foods to Maintain a Balanced Healthy Diet

7. Whole eggs

Eggs are one of the richest sources of protein, and if you want to a remarkably satiating and energising protein-packed breakfast, it simply doesn’t get better than a hearty serving of eggs. Undoubtedly, eggs are nature’s most inexpensive and richest sources of fine quality protein, along with packing countless other nutrients.

Eggs pack up multiple nutrients that boost the strength of the heart, and pregnant women are particularly advised to add eggs to their daily diet for they are loaded with choline, which is vital for healthy brain growth. Moreover, eggs are one of the few rare sources of vitamin D, providing an incredibly rich dose, which is essential to strengthen the bones and prevent the symptoms of osteoporosis.

You can add eggs to countless recipes, casseroles, salads, even pizzas and baked treats. Here’s an amazing idea for a hearty and scrumptious breakfast that will make sure you don’t get hungry until it’s time for lunch: pair up on poached egg with sourdough, laden with the creamy paste of a smashed avocado.

Calories in Large Egg

8. Oils, Spreads & Healthy Fats

If you want to create a balanced and nutritious diets, be sure to load up your daily diet with nutritious oils and spreads so your diet contains all the healthy fats that your body requires. The goal is to eliminate those horrid trans fats that raise up your cholesterol levels, and replace them with heart-healthy unsaturated fat substitutes.

Olive is loaded with countless healthy fats, and you can use it to make healthy salad dressings, frying, grilling and even creating dip sauces, like hummus. You can even try cooking your meals in coconut oil because since it burns at a considerably higher heat as compared to most other oils, it produces far less carcinogens. Be sure to load up your daily diet with nutritious essential oils and other sources of healthy oils, particularly avocados and olive oil.

Fats and Oils


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