12 Foods to Maintain a Balanced Healthy Diet

3. Boiled Potatoes

For centuries, potatoes have been regarded for their rich concentration of nutrients and flavourful taste, but with the advent of countless fried and fast food options, the popularity of potatoes has considerably decreased. Research reveals that boiled potatoes are the safest way to devour these treats for they provide a slowly-releasing carbohydrate without the unhealthy addition of saturated fats.

Potatoes are loaded with heaps of potassium, which happens to be one of the nutrients that tends to be deficit in most people, and it also plays an instrumental role in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. If you adore roasted potatoes, you end up piling heaps of avoidable fats on your plate.

So, it is always best to boil them and let to cool down for a little time in order to boost their concentration of resistant starch, a kind of fiber-like compound that boosts countless health benefits, particularly aiding in promoting satiation for longer hours.

Do Potatoes Have Fiber

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is incredibly healthy and it is loaded with heaps of protein and multiple other nutrients, making it an essential ingredient for any balanced diet, particularly for vegetarians. Recently, it has emerged as quite the trendy health food and experts are increasingly vocal about its countless benefits.

Not only is this powerful food loaded with protein, making it the perfect protein source for those who don’t eat meat, but it also provides countless minerals and antioxidants. Most people believe that this nutritious superfood is a kind of grain, but actually, it is an edible seed that is grown in the Andes region. Experts believe that it belongs from the same family as spinach, beetroot and Swiss chard.

How Much Fiber in Quinoa


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