11 Fascinating Facts About Your Body

9. Tongue Lashing

The tongue muscles are one of the busiest muscles in the body. They are involved in three types of activities throughout the day and even at night.

In the day time, the tongue muscles are responsible for producing sound as well as in the eating process. In the day time when a person sleeps they are responsible for ensuring that the saliva produced goes down the throat

Moving Tongue

10. Bones Don’t Lie

Bones have tiny tubes inside them. These tubes blood vessels are called ostiones. You may have heard that you can tell the age of a tree by the rings in its stem. The same is true for ostiones in human bones. Young people have fewer and larger ostiones in their bones

Bone Health

11. Urine for Surprise

For some people urine may have a changed color and smell after consuming certain vegetables and this is normal. Some people see a reddish or ping ting in their urine after consuming beetroot.

Similarly urine may smell different after eating asparagus. Moreover this phenomena may run in families too.

Does Asparagus Clean Your Urine


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