11 Fascinating Facts About Your Body

6. Under The Skin

While we may think that the male and female skeleton is the same the reality is quite the opposite. Male and female skeletons are different and distinguishable. The features that vary are those of the chin, the brow ridge and the forehead. Females have a pointed chin whereas males have a square chin.

The forehead in the male skeleton is more sloping where it is not as sloping in the female skeleton. Moreover the brow is larger in males and smaller in females. Another feature which distinguishes the female skeleton from the male skeleton is the wider hip are. The hip bone is wider because women have to undergo child birth.

Human Skeletal System

7. Seat of Power

The largest muscle in our body is Gluteus Maximus. This muscle is present in our behind. Each human body has two of these one for each of the buttocks. The muscle acts twofold: it acts as a cushion when we go into the sitting position and also it keeps your body upright when it is tight.

Tight Gluteus Medius Stretch

8. Dust to Dust

We all have to frequently clean the dust in our homes. While most of us think that this dust is caused by outside pollutants we might be very wrong. Seventy percent of the dust in your house is caused by the dead skin you shed off.

An average human being sheds a little more than half a kilogram of dead skin each year. This is more than 3 cups of sugar a year.

Dust Skin Allergy Symptoms


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