11 Fascinating Facts About Your Body

3. Dirty Mouth

Our mouth is full of bacteria. And while this may sound gross and putt someone off from kissing again but the number of bacteria in the mouth is more than the population of the world. Brushing as well as flossing kills bacteria.

Moreover, around 2 liters of saliva are produced in our mouth each day and this does drone bacteria. In short, our mouth can never be said to be completely bacteria free.

Dirty Mouth

4. Face: The facts

Similar to our mouth our face is also host to tiny creatures. These creatures are the mites. These creatures have eight legs and while living on your face they mate, give eggs and hence give birth to new mites.

Our hair, eyelashes and even are eyes are places where these mites are the most abundant. Thankfully, you should not be worried about these mites existing on your skin but sometimes the excessive number does cause infections.

Most Common Skin Diseases

5. Go with the Gut

Our intestines are larger than most of us imagine them to be. The total length of is around 25 feet which is four times the length of the average person. The small intestine occupies the majority of this length which is 20 feet whereas the large intestine is only 5 feet it is more wider than the small intestine.

Your Gut


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