11 Fascinating Facts About Your Body

Our body is more complicated than we may have thought it to be. In our everyday lives we don’t get to see much of these complexities but a deeper look makes it clear that our bodies are more fascinating than we realize.

Here we discuss some of these fascinating facts which may include facts about the tiny organisms existing on our body to the large muscles that give our body strength.

1. Sweat it Out

Have you ever wondered why your sweat smells so much. Well, you may be amazed to find that the sweat itself doesn’t have an odor. Basically, whenever your body feels hot your mind sends signals to open the sweat glands to cool you.

The sweat flows out especially in areas of armpits, feet and even your private parts. As you sweat, the bacteria on your body gets mixed with the sweat and gives your sweat the odor associated with sweating.

Sweat Odor

2. Your Dark Under Belly

Your belly button is another area host to a lot of micro organisms. There are almost 2400 different kind of germs present in the average human’s belly button. But most of these are harmless.


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