11 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

10. Egg Yolk

If you love your eggs, you’re lucky, because eggs are amazingly effective at sharpening the memory.

Researchers reveal that egg yolks are loaded with incredibly rich concentrations of choline, an essential nutrient that aids the brain with several integral functions.

Moreover, egg yolks are also rich in vitamin B-12, which aids in enhancing mental health by regulating brain functioning, along with improving cognitive activities and enhancing the overall health of the nervous system.

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11. Turmeric

This ancient Indian spice has been celebrated for its potent healing powers for centuries. Modern science also highly regards turmeric for its powerful anti-inflammatory profile. It aids in enhancing the antioxidant levels of the body, and boosting the health of immune system.

Moreover, it also aids in improving the oxygen consumption of the brain, which aids in processing information and keeping the body more focused and alert.

Turmeric Vitamin Supplement


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