10 Psychology Tricks You Can Use To Influence People

8. Call him with his good name

Calling another person with his good name or his title is also another way to influence people. Experts have believed that calling someone with his name is the best way in any language. The name is the core part of one’s identity and therefore listening to it from somebody validates your existence. This is a good gesture.

In addition to that, addressing somebody with his titles like sir or madam, is also a good gesture that is a key to influence people.

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7. Flattering

Flattering is another way to influence people. But mind that it should sound sincere or else it would harm your image. If you are flattering a person who has a high self-esteem, then it would score you well and they will like your gesture.

On the other hand, flattering a person with low esteem would not go well with your image as it would not go along with their perception about themselves. So, while flattering, keep this thing in mind that what sort of people are you dealing with.

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6. Mimic their manners or their patterns

People who mimic other people’s behavior or speech patterns are referred to as chameleons. This skill is mostly used intentionally to make yourself more likable. This gesture validates their existence due to which they are more likely to be influenced.

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