10 Low Calorie Foods That Can Speed Up Weight Loss

7. Potato

These hearty and healthy tubes are given a bad name due to the exceedingly-fattening recipes of oily French fries, crisps, chips and packaged fries that fuel the development of fat in the abdomen. Even though potatoes tend to have a much higher carb concentration as compared to most other root vegetables, they actually aid in curbing appetite and avoiding those sudden pangs of hunger for longer hours.

Moreover, potatoes and their skins are loaded with nutrients and vitamins, which makes them a great energy-packed snack. Roast some potatoes with their skin and devour it with hummus, steam some for your vegetable salad, or you can even add baked potatoes as a side-line to your meals.

Potato Only Diet Weight Loss

8. Rajma

Rajma-Chawal is one of the most flavourful and delicious meals of the Indian cuisine, but if you eliminate the rice, you can treat yourself to a nutrient-packed treat that will surprise you with its wondrous weight loss benefits.

A hearty serving of Rajma will brim you up with a low-calorie meal loaded with energizing protein and waist-slimming fiber.

Kidney beans are packed with fiber and they will add up no more than 100 calories in every half cup. Moreover, since kidney beans are regarded as a complex carbohydrate, they provide the body sustainable energy levels, which curbs the appetite and prevents those fattening snack-cravings.

Beans Belly Fat


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Dhickies lim - November 30, 2017

6 egg boiled a day is it good in our body….

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