10 Body Organs You Can Live Without

3. Gallbladder

The gall bladder is important for promoting a smooth digestion because it secretes bile juices. In certain circumstances, the substances present within these bile juices begin to crystallise and create stones, a condition that is medically termed as gallstones. In majority of the cases, these stones are not harmful, but in certain cases, if they end up block any of the ducts present within the gall bladder, they can lead to severe pain.

If the symptoms of pain get worse instead of improving, the doctors perform a surgical operation to remove the gall bladder. With the gall bladder no longer there to aid digestion, the liver pushes the bile directly inside the intestines.

If you adopt a wholesome and balanced diet with heaps of fiber-rich foods, the absence of your gall bladder won’t stop you from leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

Can U Live without A Gallbladder

4. Stomach

As shocking as may be to believe, it is entirely possible to live even after your entire stomach has been surgically removed. Patients suffering from stomach cancer are most commonly treated by removing their stomach. After which, the doctors redirect their oesophagus, the food pipe responsible for carrying food to the stomach, towards the small intestine, making the small intestine responsible for executing the functions of the stomach.

An individual who has undergone a surgical removal of their stomach needs to be frequently injected with B12 vitamin supplements, as the small intestine cannot absorb this nutrient easily. But despite the stomach removal, all other organs continue to function adequately, which proves that the stomach is not that important for the body after all.

Physiology of Stomach


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